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PPC: A Viable Marketing Channel

qWith SEO booming at a greater pace, PPC advertising is a vital element when it comes to digital marketing. PPC or Pay Per click refers to the most sought after tool for paid digital marketing after organic or free searches. When opting for PPC, the advertisers pay for each click visitors make on the search results. Pay per Click Marketing is the most effective tool in generating the appropriate and valid lead for a business. When someone searches for a specific keyword, a list of matching websites or ads is displayed thereby serving the relevant results to the visitors. The PPC results are highlighted and displayed at the top of the results thereby giving an impression of a high ranking result and catering more number of potential customers.

Rank You Up, a PPC Campaign Management Company is equipped with proficient Pay per Click Marketing strategies and PPC advertising wherein the advertising company has to pay a nominal fee for each click in comparison to the revenue generated through these PPC results. With PPC marketing, businesses can earn high ROI within the short span of time if strategically sound.

PPC Campaign Management Company categorizes PPC optimization services in two broad categories:

  • Optimized PPC ad campaigns
  • Optimized conversion rates

Optimized PPC Ad Campaign Services

This kind of PPC service include ongoing keyword searches, managing PPC bids and suggesting the campaign budgets, analyzing various PPC campaigns, tracking web visitors’ traffic report, monitoring the authentic clicks to justify the invested PPC budget, evaluation of landing pages and suggesting changes in web content to cater more web traffic if required, maintain PPC result reports and providing these reports to the team responsible for optimizing the conversion rate.

Optimized Conversion Rates Services

It may happen that visitors land on the website yet are bounced back or are not indulged in the transactions thereby letting your money to non-fruitful activity. Another stream of service provided by our PPC Campaign Management Company constitutes optimization of conversion rates generated through the PPC campaigns. This include analyzing the landing pages from the perspective of SEO effectiveness, conversion rate testing on various landing pages, suggesting to tweak the landing pages corresponding to the PPC ad campaigns, suggesting solutions for more effective PPC campaigns, monitoring visitor’s behavior and analyzing to schedule more PPC for a specific site, maintaining analytical and traffic reports and providing them to the team responsible for optimizing PPC.

You can also opt for both kind of services with Rank You Up, as we are a PPC Campaign Management Company which can be termed as Full Pay Per Click Optimization wherein you get support for both Optimized PPC Ad Campaign Services and Optimized Conversion Rates Services to generate measurable and effective ROI.